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As men age, their levels of testosterone can decrease and create many uncomfortable issues, says 25 Again. Unfortunately, many symptoms are misdiagnosed and thus the root issue of low testosterone is never fully treated. As the experts in hormone therapy and optimal aging, 25 Again helps men recover and treat issues caused by low testosterone so they can age with confidence. The following are common side effects of low testosterone. If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, reach out to a healthcare professional today.

Decreased Bone Mass

A common symptom of low testosterone in men is reduced bone mass as testosterone is required to produce strong and healthy bones. Reduced bone mass can lead to osteoporosis and muscle weakness, explains 25 Again, which also increases risk of bone fractures. Ultimately, decreased bone mass can be extremely dangerous and is difficult to bounce back from. Thus, 25 Again encourages males to have yearly physicals to prevent further bone related symptoms caused by low testosterone.

Low Sex Drive

Testosterone plays a vital role in men’s libido. Typically, libido decreases for two reasons: old age and low testosterone. If you are middle aged and experiencing a low sex drive, low testosterone might be the cause. Don’t be embarrassed to reach out to a healthcare professional as you are not helpless against this symptom. At 25 Again, hundreds of men have recovered from a low sex drive through the use of safe and natural hormone treatments.

Mood Changes

Testosterone controls many functions in the body, both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, changes to your mental health can be harder to spot, warns 25 Again, though it is a major symptom of low testosterone. Depression, irritability, lack of focus, and mood swings are all potential symptoms of low testosterone. If you are experiencing any of these, be aware that low testosterone might be the cause.

Unlike women, who experience a rapid drop in hormone levels at menopause, men experience a more gradual decrease in testosterone levels over a long span of time. This has caused many men to ignore symptoms of low testosterone, which tend to creep up until the presence of various symptoms force them to contact healthcare professionals. 25 Again wants you to take control of your health and discover the various treatments that can prevent and reverse the effects of low testosterone. Don’t be a slave to the aging process! With 25 Again’s individualized approach, you can find a treatment that allows you to age gracefully.

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25 again provides hormone optimization options for individuals, and is the worldwide leader in hormone health. The medical experts at 25 again have helped thousands of men and women through a patient-centric, individualized strategy.